Facebook Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

September 27, 2011

Last week, seemingly every Facebook user was in an uproar when the site underwent yet another makeover. The Wall, now used as a constant stream of new information about friends, also includes a “Publisher,” which allows users to post photos, videos, notes, links and statuses right to their profile. Users can even control the size of the content they upload in order to dictate what receives the most attention. Finally, a plethora of new tabs can be found on the site for a more organized, easy to use layout. Sounds great right?

Apparently not. The Facebook community is not a fan of change. Venturing away from what is known and comfortable seems to be quite the disadvantage for bothered users. But there is one more aspect about the new and “improved” Facebook that has small businesses jumping for joy, $10 million in free advertising.

Facebook’s Marketing Solutions” program states that it will provide small businesses with $5o each in free advertising on the site in 2012. The site claims its new objectives are to help small businesses grow by gaining more customers, building lasting connections and reaching customers’ friends.

In addition to providing free advertising, Facebook promises to help their smaller advertising partners to learn about social technology and connect directly with the social media site.  Only time will tell the success of the program, if all Facebook users do not abandon ship for Google+ first, that is.


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