Re-DQ-ulous Absurdity Trend

If you own a television set, it is inevitable that you have noticed the relatively new trend of absurd advertising. Whether it be rapping hamsters or re-DQ-ulous slogans, companies everywhere seem to be harnessing their most annoying marketing trend to date.

Needless to say, public relations professionals have done some research regarding the stickiness of their messages, and somewhere along the line found out that absurdity is memorable. This research brings us commercials such as the following:

Dairy Queen has embraced the absurdity trend full on with their newest advertising campaign. The weirdness of this commercial has already proven to increase brand recognition for the fast food restaurant, but I cannot help but wonder about the reaction of Dairy Queen’s marketing team when someone suggested a “kittens inside of bubbles” approach to their next commercial.

Whether this trend towards the weird sticks around or is gone by next year, salesmen everywhere seem to be taking advantage of it now. This goes to show that marketing and public relations professionals certainly take their research seriously. When they learn that “rockstar falcons” are great at selling car insurance, they put “rockstar falcons” in their commercials. Because the figures do not lie.

After countless commercials that leave the audience wondering “…huh?” it will be interesting to see if this trend sticks around. Personally, I am just more motivated to pay my TiVo and DVR bill every month.